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Local 108 Joins Tens of Thousands In Philadelphia to Rally For Working Families

August 13, 2012


Local 108 joined tens of thousands of working Americans including union members, community allies, and students, gathered in Philadelphia – the birthplace of American democracy – to fight for our shared American values and to send a unified message that we must stand up for our nation’s middle class. We are extraordinarily proud of the overwhelming turnout produced by the New Jersey labor movement and our community allies at this rally.


Local 108 at Philly Rally


Working families have come under unprecedented attack. Anti-worker politicians have tried to silence our voices at the workplace and diminish our voices at the polls. We need to translate our unity at this rally into political action. Today, Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate, forming a union busting team like we have never seen before.


Kathy at Phily Rally


A Second Bill of Rights for America was adopted during the rally, espousing the following principles: full employment, full participation in the electoral process, a voice at work, a quality education, and a secure and healthy future. Just like the first Bill of Rights, these are principles that are critical to our country’s present and future success.


The American Dream is at stake, and we will continue the fight to create jobs, ensure a decent future for the next generation, and stand for the unlimited potential we have as a united America.

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