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Union City for New Jersey Parking Enforcement Officers

August 23, 2010

Union City PEOs (blue shirts) have joined the RWDSU. With (front, l to r) RWDSU Organizers Manuel Delgado and Luis Lopez, and Local 108 Secretary-Treasurer Jorge Semidey (far right).

The parking enforcement officers in Union City, New Jersey, have joined RWDSU Local 108. The officers’ RWDSU membership became official on June 1, thanks to card check recognition, which is the law for public employees in New Jersey. When a majority of workers sign union cards, they become union members, without a costly, time consuming election that can be marred by employer interference.
The officers joined the RWDSU to combat mistreatment they were suffering on the job.
"We were constantly disciplined and written up unfairly, suspended without pay, mistreated, suffered constant changes in working conditions and assignments, verbally abused and harassed by management. We were all in desperate need of representation and a voice on the job,” said Enforcement Officer Jose Hernandez.
"Management basically did whatever they wanted and we had no say on our behalf. We were fed up with the abuses and decided to Join RWDSU Local 108,” Hernandez added.
According to Local 108 Organizer Manuel Delgado, the organizing campaign quickly gathered steam after a Union City employee contacted the union.
“The employees quickly began to organize and win support from their co-workers. They finally wanted to have a voice on the job and fair representation,” Delgado said.
“Things had to change over there. These workers were being mistreated, unfairly disciplined, and were disrespected on a daily basis,” said RWDSU Organizer Luis Lopez. “Now, that’s going to change.”

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