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Pay Increases for NJ Supremo Workers

April 15, 2010

Local 108 members Luis Delgado and Sandra Novas.

When 400 workers at 12 Supremo supermarket stores in New Jersey joined the RWDSU in 2005, it completely changed their lives at work. For the first time, they had guaranteed raises, paid holidays, and a union voice. On March 31, the workers there ratified their second Local 108 contract, building upon the strong foundation of their first. The six-year agreement brings workers at the store hourly wage increases each year, and also boosts the starting rate for some workers. Workers will get an additional paid sick day, and receive a signing bonus.
“I am seeing first hand now as a union member employee at Supremo Supermarket, the power of unionism,” said Supremo worker Adrian Rodriguez. “I was surprised that in this economy, we received wage increases and more paid time off.”
The employer will also pay 70 percent of the cost of increases in the health premiums over the course of the contract.
“I am very happy with this new contract, because of additional time off and the yearly wage increase,” added Supremo worker Sandra Novas. “The best thing about a union contract is job security.”
RWDSU Local 108 represents all of the workers at Supremo, including cashiers, baggers, stockers and workers in the meat and deli departments.

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