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Chris Christie Doesn't Support New Jersey Workers

August 13, 2009

To all Local 108 members:

If one thing is apparent about Chris Christie and his campaign, it is that he does not respect workers and their unions. Mr Christie has publicly accused unions of creating an unnecessary burden to taxpayers and providing absolutely no public benefit. He has plotted an all out attack on organized labor and will not stop until he has reversed over 10 years of our collective achievements. Mr Christie promises to layoff thousands of public workers, eliminate paid family leave, weaken prevailing wage laws, and reject a workers right to form a union through majority sign-up.

The stakes of the upcoming election are clear and higher than ever before. In the coming months, we must work together to ensure a victory for working families on Election Day, proving that "Yes We Can - Again! On November 3, 2009."

We invite you and your family to see where Chris Christie stands by visiting or click on the link on the side.

In solidarity,

Charles N. Hall, Jr.

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