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A Letter to Our Members

April 8, 2009


                                                                                                April 7, 2009

Dear Member,


            I am writing to update you on our struggle with the Strauss Company.  Local 108 is engaged in this fight because the Strauss Company unfairly attacked your benefits and livelihood.  The Strauss Company thought that your Union would cave under the pressure of the giant retail auto chain.  Unfortunately the Strauss Company underestimated your courage and resolve.  Throughout the struggle we have been willing to negotiate and make sacrifices to help the company.  Despite the fact that we have been willing to make concessions in the areas of paid time off, medical premiums, wage increases and retirement cost, Strauss continues to ask for more sacrifices from you.  It is very troubling that Strauss asks you to make sacrifices while they have a plan to pay $672,000.00 to seven key executives.

            Your union will continue to fight the good fight on your behalf.  Although the company continues to try and provoke the union a strike is our last resort.

            The union is requesting that all members pay your union dues directly to the union each week.  Union dues for full time employees is $8.50 per week and dues part time employees is $7.50 per week.

You can mail your dues to:

Local 108 RWDSU, UFCW

1576 Springfield Ave.

Maplewood, NJ 07040

Attn.: Jorge Semidey




                                       Fraternally yours,

                                    Charles N.Hall, Jr.,President

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