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First Pact For Englewood Health Department Workers

January 5, 2009

Englewood Health Department employees in Englewood, New Jersey, joined the RWDSU in 2007 to give themselves a union voice on the job, and now with their first contract, they are seeing the benifits of union representation.

"For 14 years i've watched as the staff of the Health Department was told what we will get and what we will do without us ever having a word in the process," said employee Matt Traudt. "Now,thanks to Local 108, the city will have to listen to our concerns."

The workers at the Englewood Health Department ratified their first union contract on October 15, 2008, finally giving them a say in their workplace and implementing wage increases and other benefits. The four-year agreement gives members four percent wage increases the first two years, and three-and-a-half percent wage increases the second two years.

Employees will also receive four personal days. Previously, they had only one personal day per year. In another important workplace improvement, members can now choose comp time or overtime pay for overtime hours worked. Previously, wokers could only earn comp time.

"It's good to have one voice for us. This is a new beginning for the Englewood Health Department Staff," said member Enock Moochie.

Employees issue birth/death and marriage licenses, and serve as public health inspectors in Englewood, New Jersey.

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